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Expense in Wuhan Institute of Technology

I. Tuition Fees (RMB ¥)


Per academic year/Person

New entry/Per year

Long-term Chinese 
Language Course


February and September

Short-term Chinese 
Language Course

2400/4ws, 3200/6ws, 
4000/8ws, 5600/12ws

1st week of each month



February and September

General Scholar


Senior Scholar


February and September

II. Facilities and Living Connection

On the campus, there are hospital, bank, post office, supermarket, canteens and Internet system, and etc. with a cost about ¥10-15 for meals one person per day.

Four kinds of accommodation are provided for international students:

University hotel, well-furnished and daily house-keeping service.

International student apartment: furnished with air-conditioner, television, refrigerator, telephone, Internet system, washing machine, shower, and kitchen.

Home-stay on the campus.

Chinese students’ dormitory

(As for the fee of accommodation, please contact Foreign Affairs Office for details.)

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